Mission: Impossible Star Eyed To Play Catwoman In The Batman


The news that Robert Pattinson is all set to be our next Caped Crusader has led to an avalanche of rumors and speculation claiming who else might be attached to Matt Reeves’ The Batman. One such rumor says Vanessa Hudgens will be playing Catwoman opposite Pattinson’s Dark Knight. And as has been made evident by the flood of fan art hitting the internet lately, it’s an idea that fans have no problem getting behind.

Catwoman will be just one of the many familiar characters popping up, though, as Reeves wants to pit Bruce Wayne against not one, not two but six of his greatest enemies. The Penguin and Selina are apparently going to be the most prominent of the rogues gallery, with the Riddler said to have a meaty part as well. Bane and Scarecrow are also rumored to be involved, while we’re still waiting on word on who the final antagonist could be.

Circling back to Hudgens, though, and her involvement is much less assured than Pattinson’s is and as such, new names continue to pop up on an almost weekly basis, with today bringing news that Vanessa Kirby is being eyed for Catwoman as well.

Though not an A-list talent, Kirby’s been seeing her star rise pretty rapidly lately, thanks to some solid work in The CrownMission: Impossible – Fallout and more. She’ll also feature in the upcoming Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw. Suffice it to say, she’s an interesting and exciting pick for the role and we wouldn’t have any problem seeing her snag it.

Then again, like we said above, she’s seemingly just one of many talents that the studio is eyeing now and it’s still unclear who the frontrunner may be. WB certainly has some solid actresses lined up though and as The Batman inches closer to production, we’ll be sure to let you know when they finally announce who’ll be playing Catwoman.