6 Movies That Will Give You Serious Claustrophobia


F*ck tight spaces. No, really, f*ck them. For some people, just the idea of a tight space is enough to cause them to break out in a sweat and start to panic. The idea of being buried alive or trapped in rubble is one of those thoughts that is so awful, you try to keep your mind from even imagining it. But that is where film steps in. You see, for many of us, we like going to see a movie that lets us live through an experience we may fear in real-life.

Arachnophobia may not be one of the scariest movies ever made, but if you ask someone who hates and fears spiders, it damn well is. The six movies on this list are to people with claustrophobia what Arachnophobia is to people who hate spiders. These are the movies that will make you feel like you are running out of air while you’re watching them. These are the movies that make it feel like the walls are pushing in, all around you. These are the movies for people who hate small spaces, but love facing what they hate.

So, without further ado, here are 6 movies that will really mess with people who have claustrophobia. Take a deep breath, folks….