Mutants Come Home In Incredible Fan Trailer For Marvel’s X-Men Reboot


At some point in the not-so-distant future, Marvel Studios will reboot the X-Men within the MCU. The Fox franchise had a groundbreaking two-decade run, but the mutant super-team is about to be reimagined so that they can rub shoulders with the Avengers. Kevin Feige is keeping a lid on whatever he’s got planned right now, but fan-made efforts like this one give us a taste of what’s on the way when mutantkind comes home.

Coming to us from talented YouTube creator Billy Crammer, this epic trailer pulls together footage from various X-Men movies to tease the re-introduction of multiple familiar faces within the MCU. Jean Grey, Storm, Magneto, Professor X and, of course, Wolverine are all present and correct, as they no doubt will be when Marvel reboots the group. Crammer even features a crossover with his concept trailer for Charlie Hunnam as Wolverine.

Of course, Deadpool also shows up here. Though he never interacted with the X-Men in Fox’s universe, the signs are pointing to the Merc with the Mouth’s franchise doing the heavy-lifting of introducing the team into the MCU. After all, with Hugh Jackman out as Logan, Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson is the most bankable character of the roster, so you can be sure that Marvel’s going to make the most of him.

The big hitch in bringing the X-Men into the MCU is that you have to explain the existence of mutants, which have never been referenced in this world before – except for in that alternate take of Nick Fury’s Iron Man cameo, which Crammer employs in his trailer. The thinking is though that The Eternals might establish, subtly or otherwise, mutantkind as it’s going to be digging deep into MCU history. If so, then we could get our first signs of the X-Men as soon as this November.

First up, however, the final entry in Fox’s universe, The New Mutants, is due out on April 3rd.

Source: YouTube