Mysterious News Clips From Paranormal Activity 3

To promote Paranormal Activity 3, Paramount has been marketing the film by sending VHS’s and VCR’s to the homes of horror blog editors, with a message to record their television and put the video online. This has consequently erupted in a bunch of new clips on Youtube, that may or may not actually be from Paranormal Activity 3, but these three clips are definitely from the movie and are definitely scary.

Paranormal Activity 3 will be about Katie Featherston, the star of the first movie, and Kristi (Sprague Grayden), one of the stars from the second movie, when they were children. It was mentioned in the first film that Katie has been “haunted” by the spirit with her sister for quite some time, and in Paranormal Activity 3, we are once again reminded of the family legacy behind the malevolent presence.

Each of these clips is essentially a cut of Katie and Kristi in their room sleeping, and something terrifying happens, in typical Paranormal Activity fashion. Honestly – they’re pretty creepy. The first film was very subtle in its scares, and the second one, while a bit bolder, still remained pretty calm for most of the time.

Judging by these clips, it seems as if Paranormal Activity 3 is going to have more blatantly scary images and forces than the other films. Check them out below.

What do you think?