Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Which Celebrities Would You Ride The Rapture Out With?


Did you honestly think Remy and I could watch This Is The End without drafting our own dream team of celebrities to ride out the rapture with? With such an awesome concept and equally awesome execution, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s apocalyptic comedy shows a bunch of celebrities attempting to survive the rapture in James Franco’s fortress of a house, and while their ensemble cast was an absolute comedic supergroup, Remy and I just had to put our own spin on the whole “celebrities caught in the rapture” scenario.

Of course, without looking at our selections, if you’ve read anything Remy and I have written in the past, there’s two things you can expect. First off, my picks will be jokey, light hearted, and sincere. Secondly, Remy’s picks will be perverse, offensive, ridiculous, crazy, and also very sincere. It’s a good dynamic if I do say so myself, but just be warned, I can’t keep this man on a leash – he’s given complete freedom (which is terrifying). I throw cheeky jabs, Remy starts right off with the haymakers. Seriously, I apologize in advance, but hell, someone’s got to keep it real, and that’s Remy.

With that said, let’s press on and see who would make up our respective rapture parties if we were given our own This Is The End scenario!