Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Which 2013 Horror Movies Have Us Giddy With Joy?

Before getting to this week’s horror themed posting, Remy and I would just like give a hearty “Happy Holidays” to all our readers! Drink, party, be merry, and enjoy yourselves!

Yes, it’s that special time of the year where dreams come true, family comes first, yule logs blaze, dreidels spin, Kwanzaa candles are lit (right?) – holiday charm so strong even old Remy and I are lulled into a charitable sense of giving.

When approaching this week’s Last Stand though, we both agreed the Christmas horror theme had been beaten to death, so we brainstormed another way to help our followers (you) – by giving you a present. No, it’s not a tangible gift mailed to each and every one of you, but instead the gift of awareness and excitement! Honestly, every new horror film is like unwrapping a present Christmas morning, before you can actually react to the three freshly knitted sweaters you received instead of that brand new copy of Halo 4.

What I mean by that is every horror film is a gamble, but obviously you’re going to be more excited about some than others. Take this year for example: which is easier to get excited for – a Joss Whedon penned film promising off-the-wall genre craziness, or a film titled The Apparition that looks like a cheap haunted house ride gone wrong? Hype is hype, and that doesn’t mean we can’t ultimately be let down, but hell, we’ve always got to be looking towards a vibrant and prosperous future for the next big thing. Even in the horror genre a little positivity goes a long way.

With that said, come with Remy and I as we list our ten most anticipated films which will (hopefully) dominate the 2013 horror movie game!