Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Horror Characters Who Turned The Tables On Their Attackers


Remy – Yuppie Pussy Doug from The Hills Have Eyes Remake


I know some people hate this yuppie dude, because in the first twenty minutes, he is so annoying you sort of WANT him to get killed, but the irony is that he is pretty much the only one who DOESN’T get killed.

You really need to note his descent from pussy into madman to really appreciate his character. Yes, he is a yuppie bitch when this all starts out, but as soon as they fuck with his family, he loses all regard for himself and goes into the “demented inbred mutant town” (I just named it that) to get his daughter back. This is where he turns into a murdering wild man, killing anyone who crosses his path in increasingly more violent fashion. Even after he almost gets killed a few times, when he could have just easily cut and run back like a coward, he sticks around and starts burying pick axes in these mutant fothermuckers. It’s nice to see, and in the end, he does get his baby back too, which a storybook(ish) ending.

Also, the surviving brother and sister stay back at the trailer and also go all “serial killer,” tricking one of the mutants into coming into the trailer so they could blow his nasty ass up.

Come to think of it, these guys could vacation with the family in You’re Next.

Man, that would be a badass movie.

Nato – Erin from You’re Next


With all this You’re Next talk, did you really think survivor girl Erin, played by the bitchin’ Sharni Vinson, wouldn’t make our list? A huge reason this home invasion flick works so well is because of Vinson’s instant Scream Queen recognition, as she attacks these masked psychopaths with superior survivalist knowledge. Hell, Vinson takes more of a beating than I probably ever could – and looks way better doing so.

Vinson’s character Erin is initially introduced as another character’s girlfriend, but after people start dying and criminals disrupt the Davison’s anniversary celebrations, Erin starts displaying her special talents. Having been raised on a survivalist camp, Erin sets traps and does thing others won’t to survive, slowly disposing of these villainous animals one by one. What should have been an easy payday turns into a bloodbath of epic proportions, with Erin emerging as the lone survivor.

Plus, she kills someone with a blender. To the head. Upside down. And turns it on. For the win.

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