Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Horror Characters Who Turned The Tables On Their Attackers


Remy – Dick Cutting Chick from Hostel: Part II


Man, Hostel: Part II was rough, right? It was creepy at times, and funny at other times, but man, what was up with all the cock slaughtering? I know it was a play on gender horror, and by removing cocks, it put both men and women on equal ground, plus it was a sign of taking their masculinity, and so on and blah blah, but I mean, on an Eli Roth level, what was his deal there?

Anyways, I am specifically talking about that one girl in Hostel: Part II who ends up turning the tables and trapping that dude who was gonna cut her all up and rape her lady bits and stuff, and she ends up cutting off his Johnson and feeding it to the dog. That might not be specifically how it went, but I remember a severed cock, and a hungry dog, so that’s what you get.

But that is some SERIOUS table turning right there.

Nato – Taylor Gentry from Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon

Picture 4

Not only is Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon a totally badass horror movie, but it also features a particularly nasty turn for our survivor girl. We first meet Taylor as an enthusiastic documentarian who wants to capture the beginnings of a new slasher phenom, recording his preparation and training, but it’s then revealed that Taylor’s role in this is much more meaningful.

As Leslie is about to commence his killing spree, Taylor and her camera crew get cold feet and try to save Vernon’s selected victims. This only puts them in the middle of all the violence though, and when the suspected virgin is suddenly killed by Leslie, Taylor realizes she’s been his survivor girl all along, and it’s actually up to her to stop him. Fighting back against Vernon, Taylor is able to save two lives in the process, and give Leslie the death he so badly wanted.

Too bad he prepared for that too, as we see him rise from an autopsy table as the credits roll. Damn, where is that sequel already?!

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