Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Ten 2014 Horror Films To Look Forward To!


Wait – 2013 is coming to a close already?! I feel like just yesterday I was finding out about Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake, debating with my horror loving brethren whether or not such a sacred property should be touched. Now, here I am starting to format my “Best Of/Worst Of” lists for 2013’s slew of horror films, reflecting on a year that saw tremendous highs and rock-bottom lows. While Remdog and I already reflected on our predictions from 2013, and how right/wrong we both were, it’s now time to put the past behind us, and look forward to an entirely fresh batch of horror movies – 2014 horror time!

Unfortunately, looking at what’s been announced already, I’m not expecting another year like 2013. As you’ll see from my upcoming “Best Of” list, I found PLENTY of horror movies worth my time and effort, from polished big-budget winners to hidden independent gems. I personally don’t see that same hype with 2014’s announced crop, as there are some fantastic concepts ready to be unleashed – but a lot of question marks. As the year goes on, I’m hoping my early doubts are proven completely wrong, but in a year that’s going to see two, yes TWO, Paranormal Activity movies, my expectations are already skewed.

Don’t be silly though – there’s still plenty to get excited about. This is the horror genre! There’s no telling what surprises we’ll find, and what terrors await! Going based off of trailers and built-up industry talk, a few films have caught the eye of both my partner and myself, leaving us a little bit more excited and curious than other more generic sounding films. Bitchy witches, satanic babies, adorable animal murderers, cannibals, religious wingnuts, and a freakin’ walrus man?! Alright, maybe I was a little too hard on 2014, because that sounds like a perfect roster of insanity.

Go ahead horror fans, read on to find out which horror movies Remy and Nato think are going to be some of the biggest highlights amongst 2014’s horror releases!