Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: 80s Horror Films We Actually WANT To See Remade

Remy and I have stated our feelings on the remake game already, but in all honesty, we have no choice but to give in. Between all the classic horror movies remade already and the ones slated for release in the next few years, it seems every noteworthy genre film will be remade within the next five years whether we like it or not. Should some of these films actually be updated with technology and new ideas? No f#cking way. Do Remy and I have a say in that choice? No f#cking way.

So, instead of being rebellious writers refusing to give in to the massive machine that is the studios, Remy and I have decided to embrace the remake fad and at least try to be positive about the whole damn thing. I mean if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, am I right? No, that’s a terribly defeatist and sad way to look at it, but for the sake of an article, yeah, we’ll sacrifice all our morals.

We’re getting a little specific here though, because not every generation has been stellar in the horror game. We picked the 1980s because this was a golden time of practical effects and slasher films, something the 90s didn’t do particularly well. Where something like Scream doesn’t actually need a remake because sequels are still coming out, 80s movies have been buried long enough where advances in special effects could bring more to the table than just some puppets – although there’s a undeniably nostalgic feel to these types of films I never want to see go away. Use your flashy graphics and CGI all you want, but a film like The Thing still holds loads more weight than a poorly crafted computer sequence.

With that said, join Remy and I as we suggest the 80s films we’d most like to see get a proper remake, and of course why!