Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Cinema’s Most Adorably Deadly Creatures


In horror movies, the “adorable” factor is typically used to hide something sinister. Think of a film like Orphan, which depicts a murderous midget posing as a cute little girl. No one expects the pig-tailed school-girl playing on the playground could actually be a maniacal killer – but that’s what horror movies are for.

This ruse isn’t used strictly in horror, though. All types of movies try to hide evil with innocent cuteness, especially when looking at creatures. Animals are the best example, especially in today’s cat meme obsessed culture, because we never think such a cheek-pinchingly lovable furry friend could be capable of horrifying acts – even though wild animals kill each other every day. Cats, dogs, monkeys, rabbits – they’ve all been been pegged as killers at some point, but not before being established as man’s best friend. Lulled into a false sense of safety, our characters think nothing of the animal they’re looking at, go in for a pet, and aren’t too fond of the consequences. Evil comes in all shapes, sizes, and cuteness levels – trust me.

With that in mind, join Remy and I as we list our favorite deadly creatures that won over our hearts with adorableness, then ripped them right out of our chests.