Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Disturbingly Cringe-Worthy Horror Deaths

OK, Remdog and I are pretty hardcore horror fans who have been desensitized to the brutal violence and merciless gore our favorite genre unapologetically promotes, to the extent that our family and friends worry about our sanity – but even we come across some kill scenes too much for even two seasoned veterans to handle. I know, it’s damn hard to believe, but every once and a while we see something so unnerving, so perverse, so visually repulsive that even we tend to cringe a little, but just a little. We’re still super-messed up, but there is some notion of sanity left that snaps us back into reality at times.

Whether it’s bones crunching, skin tearing, muscles showing, insides being strewn about – there’s always a director out there ballsy enough to push visual boundaries so far viewers have no choice but to look away. Sick, twisted, psychotic people who want to deliver the most realistic gore possible and make us squirm in discomfort, but also remind us why the hell we love horror so much. Oh, and we can’t forget the genius artists who make these dark fantasies a reality through practical special effects wizardry, because they have to be just as deranged as the man with the vision. It’s really a beautiful thing when all these minds come together, isn’t it?

This week Remy and I applaud the sickest of the sick by listing a few of our favorite cringe-worthy horror deaths, showcasing sickeningly brutal gore and sadistically creative mindsets. Go big or go home they say, right?