Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Dysfunctional Horror Families



If you thought your family was bad, at least they don’t kill people, right? Could you imagine if your yearly Thanksgiving table turkey talk ended in a bloody quarrel, resulting in the deaths of the innocent? Talk about putting a damper on the holidays.

Trust me, no matter how much you curse your family, at least they aren’t a bunch of horror movie maniacs. They could be cannibals, murders, deviants, predators, and things monstrously worse than just being a bunch of lame squares. Your parents could keep you locked up in a basement, they could be feeding you their victims, they could be slaughtering your boyfriends/girlfriends in a jealous rage – take your pick. If horror movies have done one thing for the family dynamic, they’ve surly given the term “dysfunctional family” a brand new meaning.

As you’ll find out by reading on, sometimes introducing a whole happy horror family works well, and sometimes the idea goes up in flames. Do we really need some of our slasher favorites shacked up with a wifey? We want them out there killing, not sitting around in a lounge chair drinking beer and waiting for dinner – or raising a child for that matter.

So go ahead, if you want to feel better about your family situation, join Remy and I as we discuss some of the most dysfunctional horror families in the game. You probably don’t want to be late to the dinner table with some of these mothers…

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