Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Dysfunctional Horror Families

Remy – The Devil’s Rejects


Okay, so it may just be a Texas Chainsaw variation, but that is something you will see throughout most of this list. What sets The Devil’s Rejects apart is the fact that, on some insane level, you actually kind of LIKE these people by the end of the movie. I know it seems insane, but that really is what makes it work. There are no protagonists in this film. The protagonists are the Firefly family, and guess what, they are the bad guys too.

Well, I guess by the end of the movie, the police are the “bad guys”, which is a really interesting tonal shift that is normally not achieved in horror, but works really well here.

Part Texas Chainsaw, part Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and all sorts of fucked up, The Devil’s Rejects felt like a perfect way to ease you into my list.

Trust me, by the last entry, your eyes will be bleeding.

Nato – Seed Of Chucky


Remember the time Chucky got married? Yeah, what a blast Bride Of Chucky was, am I right? Well, remember the time Chucky had a kid? Bet you regret remembering that one, don’t cha. Any respecting horror fan does, especially true Chuckster fans. The birth of Chucky and Tiffany’s puppet son/daughter Glen/Glenda was initially a concept met with intrigue, but upon the final result, it was an event met with boos, jeers, and dumbfounded confusion.

But, I mean, talk about dysfunction! First of all, Chucky and Tiffany are just murderous dolls, how are they supposed to raise a child while having a day full of murdering, attempting to pass their souls, and practicing voodoo magic?! That can only lead to bad parenting and an out of control child, am I right? Well, matters are only made worse when Glen/Glenda voices his negative views on violence, stating he doesn’t want any part of the family business. Great, now his parents have to murder behind his back, adding deceit into the mix. This pint-sized family is just a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, Seed Of Chucky is the real disaster here, failing miserably at melding darkly comedic elements and brutal horror like Bride Of Chucky did. Things got weird and slapstick, as Chucky and Tiffany shot out perverted joke after perverted joke (hell, Chucky even had to rub one out if you catch my drift), and any resemblance of horror was lost. The Child’s Play franchise crashed and burned after this sequel – it’s no wonder Curse Of Chucky went back to the basics.