Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Why Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead Bitch-Slapped Horror

Remy: With gasps and shudders and clenched fists curled up tight in the pockets of my hoody, the Evil Dead remake reminded me in one blinding flash why I adore the horror genre. It’s down right scary, unsettling, relentless, and brutal. It’s also engaging, interesting, incredibly well shot, and perfectly executed (I’ll take “poor word play” for 100, Alex). Alvarez’s film was a painstakingly crafted love letter to the original and fans of the original, and it also did something most people might have missed if they left early: it bridged the original series with the new series in an attempt to combine them both further down the road. How f*cking awesome is that? So now, for your reading pleasure, Matt and I will discuss some of the things that really stood out to us regarding this awesome reboot. Awesome and reboot are two words we never use next to each other, so you should be aware how big a moment this is for horror.

Nato: Wow, no mentions of phallic objects or being a masked murderer, I’m not really sure what to say now – except I agree with Remy 100% of the way. Evil Dead beat me senseless with scares, thrills, excitement, and gore, all the while giving an emphatic middle finger to the entire mainstream horror genre. Yeah, that’s about right.

With that said, join Remy and I as we dissect Fede Alvarez’s film and list a few of the many reasons why this remake/reboot may have just changed the current horror game.