Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: 8 Family Friendly Horror Movies!



Since a child’s mind exists at its most impressionable stage, what better time to start your son or daughter on a path to horror fandom? No, I’m not suggesting you subject your offspring to terrifying endeavors like The Exorcist or Child’s Play right off the bat (unless you want to deal with those emotional scars the rest of their lives), but I AM encouraging horror loving parents to pass on the gift of spook. Get ’em while they’re young, while their minds can still be molded and shaped to accept everything the horror genre has to offer, and then let them adventure off down their own twisted cinematic paths. Or just disown them when they run away screaming.

I’m kidding of course – children sometimes need time to grow into their passions, especially ones who would close their eyes during An American Tail: Fievel Goes West because the mean spider would come on the screen (don’t judge). Maybe that’s because neither of my parents have even the slightest appreciation of horror, raising an admitted softie who had to discover chills and thrills on his own – it’s funny how life turns out, isn’t it?

But the family who screams together, stays together, so this week my partner and I decided to select our favorite horror movies that will be fun for everyone! Some play more to scares while others highlight more comedic storytelling, but depending on the fear factor your family can handle, these are some of the best titles to ween younger fans on. Going with a classic like A Nightmare On Elm Street isn’t exactly a great idea for first time viewers, as filmmakers like Joe Dante do a much more acceptable job of gearing horror to all audiences – you don’t want to scare away potential fans before they’re even groomed!

With that said, it’s time for Nato And Remy’s Last Stand to kickstart some family horror training, looking at both new and old school titles for family movie night!

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