Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Our Favorite Rockstar Horror Cameos


It’s always interesting to see which celebrity cultures are obsessed with the horror genre, but the most obvious socialites who partake in horror goodness are musicians. Now the type of musician always differs, because I’ve seen numerous episodes of Cribs where some hip-hop mogul has a Chucky doll or Leatherface statuette in his house, but the most obvious group of musicians to praise horror are the more hard-rocking metalheads. Hell, looking at the current genre, the band Chiodos has a song titled “Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together” which is about killing the undead with your friends essentially.

In discussing this with my weekly partner Remy, we thought it’d be fun to discuss some of our favorite rockstar appearances in horror. Again, the most represented musical genre you’ll see is based around heavy distorted guitars and brutalizing bass pedal usage, but I just bet a few picks will surprise you. People like Henry Rollins and Dee Snider are no surprise of course, but what about a British alt-rocker and a famous rapper? Not out of the ordinary, but it’s cool to see all walks of life enjoying horror!

With that said, read on to see nine awesome performances/cameos by rockstars/musicians in horror films!