Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Our Favorite Underrated Zombie Movies

Dead Snow

So Remy and I got to discussing the upcoming blockbuster zombie flick World War Z, mainly about how it’s going to be one of the biggest duds we’ll probably ever witness, but the topic then sparked a debate over some of our favorite lesser-known zombie films. Everyone talks about your Night of the Living dead type classics, and new films like Zack Snyder’s Dawn Of The Dead remake created more recent hubbub around the genre, but fantastic zombie movies are still being produced year after year – without anyone really noticing.

So what makes a good zombie movie? That all depends on your mood, but if a director can create a zombie flick that’s brutal, attention grabbing, somewhat different, and incredibly enjoyable to watch, you’ve typically got a winner on your hands. Whether they choose to create an enjoyable watch by delivering over-the-top special effects, scripting twists, or by taking the popular dark comedy route that inserts humor into their film, that’s all up them, but if it works, then you look like a genius. You don’t need 200 million dollars and Brad Pitt to make a successful zombie movie (on the contrary, all the negative rumors are suggest the complete opposite). All you need is a great idea, a camera, and an audience.

With that said, read on to see which underrated zombie movies Remy and I think you should watch that you might not have heard of yet. Or if you have seen these, we think you should go watch them again. Like right now. They’re that good.