Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: The Mother’s Day Edition! (Hey Mom, I Swear I’m Not Insane…)

Remy – Mother’s Day (2010)


While I know this movie was nothing particularly remarkable, I think the idea of children killing for their Mother would be beyond unfathomable to my Ma. In this film, the Mother manipulates, picking favorites and making her children prove themselves in the most brutal fashion to win her love, and I think my own Mom could sit through almost any horror movie with the idea she could laugh it off, but the idea of sons killing FOR their Mother would be something my Mom would never get over. Mother’s Day may be typical slasher fare to all of us, but not so much to old-school Moms, who are super sweet for the most part.

The irony is that the movie is not that remarkable, but this list is not about remarkable movies. It is movies our Moms would NEVER approve of, and this one wins just for having Mother in the title.

Nato – Deadgirl


Thankfully I was able to watch Marcel Sarmiento’s Deadgirl in the comfort of an empty house, because if my Mom caught a glimpse of some of the more twisted scenes, there’s no doubt she would have been appalled at my horror obsession. Sure, even the safest horror movies with minimal gore and laughable plotlines make her uncomfortable, but Deadgirl brings the term “sick and perverse” to entirely new levels.

What we have here is a story bout two high school teens (Noah Segan and Shiloh Fernandez) who stumble upon a female body locked away in an abandoned mental asylum, and the choice they are faced with. Do they let the naked, battered, dirty woman go free – or do they keep her as a personal, realistic sex doll. Any mother would of course assume their child knows better and would let the woman go, but that’s where Deadgirl instilled the dark realization that some sons would gladly take the road less traveled, as the rape-focused choice is exactly where our story goes.

Now there’s a ton more to Trent Haaga’s script than just a defenseless woman being raped relentlessly by horny teenagers. It turns out she’s undead, has a vicious mean streak, and can infect you like a disease – but that’s not what would disturb my mom. Well, OK, that’s not true, but let me rephrase that as that’s not what would disturb my Mom THE MOST. Much worse is the notion that when faced with a moral choice that shouldn’t even have to be a decision, one boy turned into a sexual deviant with no care for human life.

The hypothetical heartbreak of finding out your son committed such an unforgivably despicable act creates the true horror for a mother if she were to watch Deadgirl.