Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Happy-Time Horror Movies!

“Happiness is a warm gun.” – John Lennon

A fitting lead-in Remy wanted me to include for this week’s topic, as my typically lovable collaborator has been falling on tough times recently. Everyone hits a rough patch, me included most definitely, so I wanted to help him out this week with an uplifting focus. We’ve done “Worst Of” lists and wrote about terrible horror movies, so this week I suggested we simply write about the horror movies that make us happy. Smiles and positivity are the only way to fight the blues, and horror movies certainly have their own signature ways of cheering up viewers!

But yes, I know, it’s crazy to even think a disgusting horror flick about murderers and psychopaths could cheer someone up, but as you know, the two of us are pretty f#cked up already, so are you that surprised? But seriously, a horror film can be written with a lighthearted mindset, not just focusing on Satanism and atrocities against humanity. Sure, a kill-scene can be gruesome, but as long as the right tone is conveyed, it can also be grindhouse-y and hilarious or over-the-top B-Movie absurdity. To a horror fan, these are like a really good sight gag (comedy fans) or a really good on-screen kiss (romance fans), just with a lot more entrails strewn about the room.

Whatever, the cops haven’t been called on us yet, so we’re going to keep cranking out these lists. Come with us once again as we list some of our favorite films to watch in a certain scenario – this time specifically when either Remy or I need a good cheering up.

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