Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Horror Babes Retrospective 2000-2010

Well, Remy and I weren’t really sure what to do this week for our Last Stand article, but if there’s one thing the internet has taught me, it’s when you’re bored, just Google hot ladies. I suggested this to Remy, and thus our shrine to the best “Horror Babes” is now under construction, which we’ll sporadically revisit to highlight the most bodacious, enthralling, and entrancing horror beauties for specified decades. We figured we’d start with recent characters, to ease readers into more abstract picks later, but hell, a hot babe is a hot babe, no matter what decade. And yes, we realize we’re shooting at a rather small demographic right now with a post like this, but c’mon, you ladies can appreciate beauty as well too, right?!

But in defining said babes, we also have to define the roles female horror characters play in the genre, boiling down to three simple ones, and then a random collection of the rest:

Survivor Girl

This is the strong female lead character, typically a virgin (but not always), who presents a challenge to the villain. This character will usually survive the whole ordeal, presenting a pure good triumphing over evil scenario, and thus earning the label Survivor Girl. The babe factor here would be how well the lead presents herself. Is she a self-sufficient vixen who attracts with gusto and spunk, sporting drop-dead looks to match? Think of someone like Alice from the Resident Evil series as a more badass version, or Neve Campbell from the Scream franchise as a more homely version.

The Whore

Not trying to be a dick here, but typical horror films usually exploit the female gender with one obliviously ditzy character who is nothing but kill fodder. You can usually expect to find this slutty stereotype axed first amongst her friends, sneaking off with an equally horny bro, making themselves the perfect first target for whatever villain may be stalking them. The babe factor here would be simply how hot the character is. How much of a travesty is it our young eye candy was killed off so early?

The Backup

Then there’s everyone else. She could be a friend, sister, acquaintance, but in some capacity this character is simply there as some filler. Sometimes they live, sometimes they die, but it’s all dependent on the film. Sometimes you’ll get a super babe for these parts, sometimes the character is forgettable, and others, well, we just don’t really care about.

Oh, but don’t forget the Wild Card though. Horror chicks can be villains too, or eccentric nutjobs, so don’t always take female characters at face value. Sometimes babes blossom right before your eyes, hiding in a nerdy and deceiving cocoon to start, flourishing into a devilishly deceptive left-field character, bringing out hidden attractions in us we might be secretly terrified of.

Anywho, let’s take a look at some of the women who had Remy and I drooling from scene one!

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