Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Horror Babes Retrospective 2000-2010

Nato – Danielle Harris: Hatchet II

How can you talk about horror babes from the early 2000s and not include modern-day Scream Queen royalty Danielle Harris? Typically the victim, I picked her turn as Marybeth in Adam Green’s slasher sequel Hatchet II because she’s given a strong female lead character, seeking vengeance on urban legend Victor Crowley. I’ll admit the sequel paled in comparison to Green’s original, but Harris is the better Marybeth in comparison to Tamara Feldman. Harris has a more independent and gruff attitude, and looks that kill to accompany her “I can take care of myself” persona. Harris is becoming a staple in the horror genre, and kicking the ever-loving shit out of Victory Crowley only dug her roots deeper.

Remy – Naomi Watts: Mulholland Drive

This woman awes me. Not only is she staggeringly beautiful, but she picks REALLY messed up, difficult roles. I mean, how many times have you seen Watts in a romantic comedy? She doesn’t even mess with that crap, which makes me adore her even more. And though she is memorable in everything, nothing sticks in the dirty corners of my mind more than her role in the David Lynch mindf*ck, Mulholland Drive. There is one scene in particular, which I talk about in-depth here, but for me, a role that demanded the things from her that this role did would have scared away most actresses, yet Naomi Watts went at it with insane abandonment, which is one reason why I love her so much. Crysturbation is the other reason.

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