Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: First Ever Horror Oscars…I Mean…Igor Awards!

Best Director:

Panos Cosmatos: Beyond the Black Rainbow

Drew Goddard: Cabin in the Woods

Richard Bates Jr.: Excision

Eduardo Sanchez: Lovely Molly

Don Coscarelli: John Dies At The End

…and the Igor goes to:

…Don Coscarelli for making an unfilmable movie not only filmable, but wholly watchable and massively enjoyable. John Dies At The End was a trip in the truest sense of the term, taking us from our living rooms into a world inhabited by strange, fantastic beasts and a soy sauce that will forever change your life. Though we admit we have a real soft spot for some of Coscarelli’s previous work (Phantasm for the win) so that did lean us in his favor, but of all the films nominated, this one HAD to be the toughest to direct for how batshit insane it was, and yet somehow, it was batshit insane AND magical, and not many directors could pull that off.