Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Horror’s Pleasant Little Surprises So Far This Year

Remy – The Conspiracy

I knew next to nothing about this film when I sat down to watch it a few weeks ago, and honestly, I was really impressed by it. While it may have an ending you can see coming a mile away, they do an amazing job of getting to that ending, and all you need to know is just a little bit about how our own government works behind the scenes to know just how spot-on this movie is.

The Conspiracy is a “found footage” documentary (though not fully mockumentary) about two young men who stumble upon a global conspiracy about a group of elitists called The Tarsus Group, who pretty much run the Country from behind closed doors, and they get together once a year to hold a sort of Pagan “ritual” called “The Hunting of the Bull,” which is supposed to set in stone the events for the year to follow. These two filmmakers end up getting an opportunity to attend the ceremony disguised as one of the members of the group. As you can imagine from a film of this nature and the brevity of the subject matter, things don’t really go as intended for our young whistle blowers.

What makes this film work so well is just how close it is to our real world. I know many of you may want to shake your head, but all you need to do is research Bohemian Grove to realize this shit really happens in our own world, and we just willingly turn a blind eye to it. They may have changed some names and locations for the film, but it mirrors our own world far more realistically than most sheeps would know.