Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Masks Make The Man

Nato – The Collector (The Collector)

Why am I obsessed with The Collector? I wasn’t blown away by The Collector itself, but after I saw The Collection, a killer wearing the laziest S&M outfit I’ve ever seen is all I can talk about.

But when talking about masks, there’s something to be said about the crudely fitted black mask which The Collector wears. Something about the way it grips the front of his face tightly, vibrantly popping his bright and beady eyes, which makes him all the more intimidating even though he completes it with nothing but black slacks and a black turtleneck. The haplessness is forgotten though once he tightens the mask strings taut while wearing leather gloves, making that unnerving, crunchy, squeaky noise – like a bad night of bondage. I’m cringing just hearing that noise…