Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Freddy Krueger’s Die-light Reel

Freddy Krueger – The Sinister Sandman, The Haunter Of Nightmares, The Sleepy-Time Killer, Mr. Pointy Fingers – Ok, none of those names actually have ever been used to describe one of horror’s most notorious icons, but it doesn’t matter what you call him – he’s the man. If we all went to hell right now and entered the exclusive VIP section with flaming velvet ropes, Freddy would be surrounded by demon chicks and signing their evil tits like the horrifying rockstar he is. He’s had his own TV show, his own crossover film (Freddy Vs. Jason), and even appeared in a recent Mortal Kombat game! Hell, I just bought a pair of Freddy Krueger inspired Nike Dunks myself! How have Remy and I NOT dedicated a post to Wes Craven’s most famous character yet?

If you didn’t get the hint, Remy and I decided to pay our respects to my personal favorite slasher villain of all time by highlighting our 6 favorite deaths at the hands of our sweater-wearing scoundrel. I know, there’s just so many to pick from, as countless sequels have followed A Nightmare On Elm Street, and so many creative kills have been imagined by a handful of eager directors, but Remy and I just had to personally give Freddy Krueger his deserved credit ourselves. The dude has carved more bodies than turkeys at the first Thanksgiving – it’s only fair we pick his best.

With that said, pop some sleeping pills and head to dream town where we’ll meet Freddy for a visual tour of his best “works of art.” Don’t worry, even if you don’t like our writing I’ve included a video re-cap of each kill as well, so it’s like a cinematic picture book! Yay visual aids!