Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: The ABCs Of Death Cheers And Jeers!

Alright horror fans, January 31st was a big date, releasing one of the most hyped horror films of the year – The ABCs Of Death (click for my full review!).

If you’re a good little fanboy, you know exactly what Drafthouse producers Tim League and Ant Timpson set out to create, but for those of you who don’t, it goes a little something like this:

Twenty-six directors were chosen for an anthology horror film surrounding death, playing out like a children’s alphabet book. Each director was asked to choose their top three letters (Adam Wingard and the A Serbian Film dudes were there only ones to roll the dice and say “just give me what’s left”), and from the rankings each director was then given a letter. What’s the letter’s significance? Each director had to produce a short film depicting a death themed around a word that starts with their given letter, and they had to do so with a $5,000 budget. Sounds fun, right?

Admittedly, it was fun, but between the length and lacking shorts, there’s not denying The ABCs Of Death has some definite downfalls – along with glorious spectacles of bloody madness!

Being the total horror nuts we portray in our writings, Remy and I absolutely caught the film already, both coming to a simple conclusion – there is some absolute good, some unforgettable badness, and then there are some shorts that just make you say “what the f#ck?!”

Still though, it’s worth at least one watch for true horror fans based on the concept alone – but Remy and I would like to make your watch a little easier by giving our recommendations on what shorts to soak in and what shorts to fast-forward. You’re welcome, planet earth.