Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Horror Hotties We Watch Terrible Movies To See

Nato: Hey everyone, Remy stepped up for me again, so enjoy another one of his insane introductions! A Remy Introduction! Rem-duction?

Remy: I think it’s funny that just because I am a feminist that seems to imply I can’t desire to have sex with women. Apparently the act of being a feminist takes women out of that light, and casts them in some super serious, sexless, gender-less role. That sounds abusive to me, dehumanizing women to pump women up? No, I think quite the opposite.

I am such a feminist, I want to be inside of ALL women. From the scabby bus driver who coughs into her own hand and then smells it, to the fashion model who only snorts blood diamonds, I want to feel their undulating flesh walls, to know what they know. I want to absorb every inch of every woman ever. If I could have a mantle in my bedroom that just looked like a giant vagine, adorned with candles, I would have it. Why? Because that is just how powerful I think women are. DOWN WITH OBELISKS and PHALLIC OBJECTS! Up with the supremacy of the nation of the VAG!

The celebrate our movement into the nation of Vag, Matt and I decided to showcase some woman we wish we could experience, sexually, despite the terrible horror films they appeared in.

See, feminism, b*tches.

Nato: …and there goes another handful of readers…and to any of my family reading this…yeah…