Neo Reportedly Doesn’t Remember Anything In The Matrix: Resurrections


Fans got to see their first look at The Matrix: Resurrections at CinemaCon…but were surprised to see Neo no longer remembers the events from the first three films. 

The Matrix franchise is finally receiving the fourth film, and fans are anxiously waiting to see how the story will continue after Neo’s apparent death in The Matrix Revolutions. However, the first look at the Matrix: Resurrections indicates that the hero might not be the same person we last encountered. 

As reported by Screen Rant, The Matrix: Resurrections footage shown at CinemaCon shows Keanu Reeves reprising his role as “Thomas,” Neo’s original name in The Matrix before he entered the real world. Thomas speaks with a therapist, played by Neil Patrick Harris, and explains his vivid dreams…events from the previous films. The footage also shows Neo reuniting with Carrie-Ann Moss’ Trinity, despite her death in The Matrix Revolutions. Neo is presented with a similar scenario as a character offers him a red pill…just like the original movie. 

While these scenes are exciting, they also raise a lot of questions. Why doesn’t Neo remember the events from the previous movies? It’s possible that he was assimilated into the Matrix and had his memory wiped, which is what Cypher’s goal was in the first movie.

It is also unclear how Neo and Trinity are alive, as both were assumed to be dead by the end of The Matrix Revolutions. But Neo did come back from the dead in the first film, and anything is possible for the prophesied “the One.”

Fans will likely learn more information before The Matrix: Resurrections releases in December.