Netflix Added 2 Great Movies Today, Including An Original

Enola Holmes

September has been an incredible month to be a Netflix subscriber thanks to a wonderful blend of classic films and shows alongside a smorgasbord of brand new original content. Beloved flicks like Pineapple Express, Grease and Anaconda have captivated those looking for a dose of nostalgia, while fresh new hits like I’m Thinking of Ending Things, The Devil All the Time and the debut season of Ratched have gotten plenty of people talking on the internet.

Now that we’re winding down towards the end of the month, we’re only getting a handful of fresh things to watch on content drop days. And although today has just two new films for you to check out, both are well worth adding to your list.

First of all, as if this month’s original content hasn’t already been exceptionally fruitful, the addition of Enola Holmes aims to only sweeten the pot with yet another Netflix movie. This action-mystery follows the titular character, the teenage sister of the world famous Sherlock Holmes, on her quest to find her missing mother. With a stacked cast boasting Millie Bobby Brown in the title role and Henry Cavill as Sherlock, it’s garnered quite a lot of attention and is likely to be worth an evening viewing.

Meanwhile, the 2005 Ryan Reynolds comedy Waiting… has also landed on the service today. The film earned itself a weak 30% on Rotten Tomatoes upon release, but it’s often cited as a cult classic now thanks to its colorful cast and gross-out humor. Rest assured that you can do a lot worse in terms of comedies on Netflix.

Of course, if neither of today’s additions are floating your boat, you can always head over here and check out some of the other stuff Netflix is offering throughout September. And be sure to keep your eyes on this space for more updates on what you’ll be able to stream on your favorite services in the future.