Netflix Added 3 New Movies And 1 New TV Show Today


Netflix is on a roll this month and is absolutely oozing with quality content to devour. Such classic films as the boxing drama Million Dollar Baby and the Tom Hanks romance Sleepless in Seattle have already made their appearance on the platform, and mega-hit The Umbrella Academy will be seeing its second season drop at the end of the month. There was a short drought for a few days, but yesterday brought a couple new things to check out, including the Spanish thriller Dark Desire, which will likely appeal to fans of shows such as You.

If that’s not enough for you, however, today is seeing a handful of new movies and series to dig into as well. At least a few of them should appeal to your tastes, too, so get ready to add some more stuff to your likely already loaded list of content to binge.

2005’s Pride & Prejudice is probably the most notable addition to today’s lineup. This romantic drama is based on the 1813 Jane Austen novel of the same name and stars Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. It received mixed reviews upon release, but it did earn first-time director Joe Wright multiple awards. It’s not the best film you’ll ever see, but if you’re into the genre, it’s certainly well worth a watch.


For more, here’s everything coming to Netflix today:

Fatal Affair
Indian Matchmaking (Season 1)
Pride & Prejudice

Is none of that tickling your fancy? Well, there are plenty of other things to catch on Netflix right now and you can head through here to see some of the stuff already on the service at the moment alongside what’s coming later in the month. And, if you want to look even further ahead, you can find the first wave of what’s coming in August over here.