Netflix Added 6 New Movies And TV Shows Today

Dark Desire

Netflix is usually pretty good about keeping their service full to the brim with content for subscribers to tune in to. Just this month has seen the addition of 2015’s Poltergeist remake, Charlize Theron action flick The Old Guard, boxing drama Million Dollar Baby, and an often overlooked Tom Hanks film called Cloud Atlas, among many, many others. It’s been a busy month for the platform, then, and there’s still plenty to come. In fact, today marks the arrival of six brand new things for you to check out.

If you’re a big fan of the extraordinarily popular show You, you may be interested in catching the first season of Spanish thriller series Dark Desire, as it’s been said to deal with similar dramatic elements. The show follows main character Alma as she shares a passionate weekend with someone that ends in a tragic event, leading her to seek out the truth about those she calls confidants and friends.

When you’re not invested in that, you can always toss on Sunny Bunnies for the young ones. The first two seasons of this animated children’s series will be dropping on the service with 26 episodes each, ensuring there’s plenty of cuteness for the kids to eat up. It’s bright, colorful and loud – so you’re sure to just love it, too.

Dark Desire

Here’s the full list of everything launching on Netflix today:

  • Cold Feet 
  • Dark Desire (Season 1) 
  • Gli Infedeli / The Players 
  • Skin Decision: Before and After (Season 1)
  • Sylvia 
  • Sunny Bunnies (Seasons 1-2)

Of course, if none of this appeals to you, you can always head through here to check out some of the other stuff coming to Netflix throughout the remainder of July. And as always, watch this space for further updates about all of the content heading to your favorite subscription services in the near future.