Netflix Just Released A Very Useful New Feature

Stranger Things

Have you ever been in the situation where you start watching something on Netflix, and then find it stuck in your “Continue Watching” list for what seems like forever? It can be annoying, especially as you may have only caught a few minutes of something, only to have a reminder of it every time you log in. Well, to solve this problem, based on what we can only assume is user frustration, Netflix are now rolling out a new feature that will enable us to manually remove titles from the “Continue Watching” list.

Although this has only been tested out on the Netflix Android app, it should soon be available on iOS devices and presumably for other platforms as well. There’s not much to the feature, either, as you just have to tap on the offending title and select the option to “Remove from Row.” It may be simple, but it’s a feature that’s been a long time coming, especially when trying to keep track of the content that you actually want to watch.

In addition, the new menu will make it easier to show episodes, get more information and download eligible programs to a device. Hopefully, this will eventually become standard for all Netflix users, following from recent additions such as the “Top 10” feature for your area.

Furthermore, there are many unofficial hacks available for Netflix users, from so-called “secret” codes for obscure sub-genres to Chrome extensions of varying quality. If you’re stuck trying to keep up with Netflix’s library, there’s also plenty of places to keep up-to-date with daily changes, including, ahem, this very site.

For now, there’s plenty of new content to enjoy on Netflix, including the titles added this week and the bumper collection of additions coming our way in July. However, if you can’t wait for the “Continue Watching” feature, there are some alternative ways to clear up your viewing history, or alternatively, to discreetly remove titles that you don’t want other people with your subscription to know about.