Once Upon a Time In London

Netflix Added 16 New Movies And 5 New TV Shows Today

Plenty of new movies are available on Netflix as of today. And given that tou're stuck inside right now, it's as good of a time as any to watch them all.

If you’re following social distancing guidelines the way you should be, then you’re stuck inside right now due to the pandemic. That really sucks, but that’s what streaming services are for, after all. With thousands of movies, shows and specials, Netflix always has your back when you’re looking for something to kill some time.

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Today, April 15th, marks the middle of the month, too, so Netflix has a pretty substantial drop of 16 movies, 5 shows, and a single stand-up special to help keep you busy. You can check out a full list of titles included in this mid-month release below:


A Champion Heart (2018)

Fittest in Dubai (2019)

For Love or Money (1993)

For the Broken Hearted (2018)

LeapFrog: Letter Factory (2015)

LeapFrog: Numberland (2012)

LeapFrog: Phonics Farm (2011)

LeapFrog: Sing-along, Read-along (2011)

Mischief (Vikrithi) (2019)

Moms at War (2018)

New Money (2018)

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (2008)

Once Upon a Time in London (2019)

Sprinter (2018)

Thor: Tales of Asgard (2011)

World Famous Lover (2020)

Once Upon a Time In London

TV Series:

Outer Banks (Season 1)

Still Game (Season 8)

The Innocence Files (Limited Series)

Tjovitjo (Season 1)

Winx Club (Season 1)

Stand-up Special:

Chris D’Elia: No Pain (2020)

Perhaps most notable for parents this month is the inclusion of various LeapFrog movies. These educational films for youngsters should help keep them occupied and give you a little extra time to relax and recoup. And when they’re down for the night, it’s the perfect opportunity to check out Chris D’Elia’s new special for some adult-oriented laughs or the new Netflix Original series Outer Banks if you’re more in the mood for soapy drama.

Looking for a bit more mystery and intrigue? Why not watch the fairly well-received Once Upon a Time in London for some 1930’s crime drama?

Of course, April isn’t over and there are still more drops to come, so head on over here to see the full list of content coming to Netflix and other major streaming platforms this month.

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