7 Underrated Netflix Horror Movies You Must Watch This Halloween


7) Rec 3: Genesis (2012)


Zombies are everywhere. Seriously, it’s like they’ve taken over the world already, so it takes a special kind of zombie movie to make us stand up and take notice these days. Back in 2007, the Spanish horror Rec made a huge impact in world cinema, exploiting the found footage style in a way not seen since the likes of The Blair Witch Project. Obviously, sequels followed quicker than zombies chasing after a bus load of schoolchildren…

While Rec 2 was set on the same night as the original movie, exploring the same events from a different angle, Rec 3: Genesis encompassed attacks that occurred before, during and after the first two films. Kicking off at a wedding, Rec 3: Genesis initially plays out in much the same way, using found footage of the ceremony, but once the zombies gatecrash the party, the camera switches to traditional cinematography – a fresh departure for the series.


Rec 3: Genesis received mixed reviews upon release, largely because of the franchise’s abrupt shift in tone, but those prepared for a move away from the serious nature of the first two films are in for a zombified treat. This underrated gem is also worth a watch for those interested in seeing the most kickass bride since Uma Thurman donned a yellow tracksuit in Kill Bill Vol 1.

Even if Rec 3 had been particularly awful, it would have still made this list purely because the filmmakers actually managed to spell the title correctly. *Side eyes Terminator Genysis.

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