Netflix subscribers can’t get enough of Ryan Reynolds doing Ryan Reynolds things

Ryan Reynolds currently has two movies flying high on Netflix, and they both tick many of the same explosive boxes.

Some fans may have seen through the facade and come to the realization that Ryan Reynolds plays almost the exact same character in exactly the same way in almost every movie he appears in these days, but plenty more couldn’t care less about seeing the actor repeatedly break out the same shtick.

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Do you enjoy the work of Ryan Reynolds? Do you like to indulge in mindless escapism? Do you prefer plot to be secondary to action? Do you then prefer character development to be tertiary behind said plot and action? Do you like big budgets and you cannot lie? If the answer is yes, then the chances are high that you’re a Netflix subscriber.

All of these questions are based on the simple fact that the star, producer, occasional writer, gin magnate, marketing executive, and soccer team owner currently has two titles flying high on the Netflix most-watched list, and they both tick an awful lot of similar boxes.

Red Notice became Netflix’s most-watched opening weekend release ever, and the knock-on effect has seen Michael Bay’s 6 Underground rebound and claim its own spot in the Top 10, as per FlixPatrol. The latter didn’t get a sequel after the company’s boardroom shrugged at the suggestion, but the former is in a much better position to land a second installment.

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