Netflix Users Are Loving Channing Tatum’s New Movie

Channing Tatum

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have already produced one Netflix animated movie this year, with The Mitchells vs. the Machines drawing widespread critical acclaim and dominating the most-watched list for weeks, and the duo are back just over two months later to bring audiences America: The Motion Picture, just in time for the Fourth of July weekend.

Obviously, it couldn’t be more different from The Mitchells vs. the Machines in almost every imaginable way. While the former is a family film that’s already a front runner for next year’s Best Animated Feature Academy Award, the latter is a gleefully inaccurate dramatization of how Channing Tatum‘s George Washington rose up against the English in anachronistic, foul-mouthed and incredibly bloody fashion.

If you take The Patriot, Archer, The Expendables, The Avengers, Team America and Star Wars, throw it into a blender and then dump it all over a team of talented comedians, then you’ve pretty much got what Netflix are offering. Naturally, the critical reactions have been more than a little mixed, but as you can see from the responses below, a lot of subscribers can’t get enough of America: The Motion Picture.


It’s going to take some effort to dislodge America: The Motion Picture as the wildest animated effort of 2021, and it could be the ideal viewing for the big national holiday once enough beers have been consumed and the danger of slipping into a food-related coma is a serious possibility. A Rotten Tomatoes score of 36% isn’t great, but it’s already managed to find a spot on the platform’s most-watched list after only premiering on Wednesday, so there’s evidently a huge number of people willing to check it out.