New Character Details From The Batman Reportedly Revealed

the batman

If Bruce Wayne was someone who existed in the real world, then people would be terrified of both sides of his personality. We have an incredibly wealthy orphan who spends his days putting on a public face that doesn’t reflect who he really is, and one who also manifests his grief and fear of bats to dress up in an armored costume and patrol the streets of Gotham City as its nocturnal defender.

Based on the trailer for The Batman that dropped at DC FanDome, Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson will be diving equally deep into the furthest reaches of his psyche, with the leading man even describing Bruce as an odd creature. Now, some purported character details have been revealed by OneTakeNews, which are said to have come from the most recent test screening.

As we’ve heard previously, Bruce will narrate large sections of the film, but that’s not the interesting part. The rumor offers that Bruce is much more focused on being Batman, so the billionaire playboy facade isn’t part of The Batman at all, with the heir to the Wayne Industries empire not even a public figure in Gotham.

On top of that, mental illness is once again claimed to be a huge driving force behind Bruce’s journey to becoming the Dark Knight, and there’s a big hero moment in the final battle that establishes his no-kill rule. While none of this is official, we’ve heard most of it before on more than one occasion, so there might be more than a shred of truth to the latest scuttlebutt emanating from The Batman.