New Deadpool 2 Clip Teases Domino’s Imaginary Powers


Deadpool 2 is now upon us, but before you see it in cinemas over the next few days, be sure to check out this new clip from the upcoming sequel.

The 30-second preview sees Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth in a high speed car chase with his X-Force teammate Domino (Zazie Beetz), as they try to avoid Cable, Josh Brolin’s cyborg from the future who’s got a bone to pick with a young mutant boy named Russell (Julian Dennison). As DP isn’t on the scene yet, it falls to Domino to use “all of her imaginary powers” to stop Cable from laying a finger on him.

The “imaginary powers” Wade Wilson’s presumably referring to are Domino’s luck-based abilities. As these basically mean that coincidences keep happening that work out well for her, the hero’s gifts aren’t as showy as most mutant powers are, so it makes sense that the Merc’s a bit suspicious that they even exist.

If you want a proper explanation for what exactly she can do, the comics have revealed that Domino has subconscious telekinetic and psionic abilities which alter what’s around her without her being aware of it.

The character has apparently proven very popular with test screening audiences already, which bodes well for how fans will receive her. Fox themselves seem pleased with Beetz’s portrayal, too, as word has it that she’s already locked in for the upcoming X-Force, which will also feature Brolin as Cable, as well as Reynolds dropping by as Deadpool, of course. Beyond that, Brolin’s revealed that he’s signed up for four appearances as Nathan Summers, so we imagine Beetz is under a similar contract.

Back to the here and now, however, Domino makes her big screen debut in Deadpool 2, arriving in cinemas on May 18th.