New MCU Rumor Reportedly Reveals When This Unannounced Film Starts Production


Disney has just reshuffled its release schedule for the next couple of years, pushing back several MCU movies in the process. That means we’ll have to wait until next summer for Doctor Strange 2 and until 2023 for The Marvels. But amid these disappointing updates, a new rumor offers some good news about two long-awaited Marvel projects—the Fantastic Four reboot, and the Nova movie.

The GWW’s KC Walsh teased that he had a scoop to drop on Twitter yesterday. Following the release date changes, one fan asked him if that’s what he was talking about. Walsh responded that it wasn’t, and this news has meant his own scoop may be subject to change as well. That said, Walsh claims both Nova and Fantastic Four are believed to start production in 2023, according to his intel.

While the F4 film—the first in the MCU and the fourth overall—has been officially confirmed, a Nova flick is something that’s been talked about a lot but not formerly placed on Marvel’s slate as of yet. The project, which would be based around the Earthling-turned-cosmic hero, is supposedly still in its earliest stages, then.

Walsh reiterated in a follow-up tweet that Nova will definitely be a movie and not a Disney Plus TV series.

As Walsh states, it’s feasible that this release date shuffle means the expected production start of these two films has been delayed. But seeing as this rumor only says they’ll commence shooting sometime in 2023, there’s a lot of room for that still to be true even with a hold-up. If this is accurate, it means we could get both Nova and Fantastic Four on our screens sometime in 2024 or 2025.

Granted, Walsh’s rumor is just that for now—a rumor. Until official confirmation arrives, take the update with a grain of salt. Let us know if you think these two projects’ production schedules are accurate (or, conversely, if you think Nova isn’t even on the horizon).