New Batman Promo Images Reveals Fresh Look At Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman

At the inaugural DC FanDome last fall, we got the first trailer for The Batman — Matt Reeves’ much-anticipated reboot of the Dark Knight’s mythos – and we’re set to receive the second, ahead of the movie’s release next spring, when the second FanDome event takes place in October. That’s still a few weeks away, then, but while we’re waiting for the trailer, this new promo image reveals a fresh look at one of the film’s most important characters.

While it took Michael Keaton and Christian Bale until their second and third movies as Batman to meet Catwoman, Robert Pattinson will be facing off against Selina Kyle in his debut in the role. Zoe Kravitz is on hand to play the iconic thief and anti-heroine, and we already got our first glimpse at her in action in the first trailer. This new promo pic for DC FanDome 2021 (via The Direct) gives us a clearer look at her costume. See it in the gallery below:

The pic sees Kravitz in her burglary-ready balaclava, which has two subtle points at the top which allude to the character’s traditional cat-eared cowl. Selina’s stripped-back costume is reminiscent of the way Pattinson’s Bat-suit is very makeshift, which reminds us that both of these vigilantes are just starting out in The Batman. Fans are expecting Pattinson to get a second suit later in the movie, so it’s possible Selina could get a different Catwoman outfit, too.

The Caped Crusader will also be battling Colin Farrell’s Penguin and Riddler (Paul Dano) this time out. Not that this will be the usual superhero-vs-supervillains clash as we know to expect a dark, mature crime thriller of a movie from Reeves, one which will dig deep into the political and social corruption of Gotham City. But will Miss Kyle turn out to be a friend or foe for Bruce Wayne? Sure, Selina usually comes good in the end but, who knows, Kravitz’s version may surprise us.

The Batman is hitting theaters on March 22nd. DC FanDome, meanwhile, takes place on October 16th.