New The Matrix Resurrections Theory Considers If Trinity Is A Double Agent

The Matrix Resurrections

We’ve now had a few days to digest the first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, and fans are already excited about what it means for the Wachowskis’ franchise. As well as questions over why Neo looks so different in the new movie, as well as its relationship to the original Matrix trilogy, theories are being made on what we can expect from the sequel. The latest idea floated over on FandomWire is that Carrie-Anne Moss’s Trinity is actually a double agent working for the Machines.

In the footage, we see that Keanu Reeves’ Thomas A. Anderson is living a life in the Matrix unaware of his role as The One, and is kept in that state by consuming blue pills. However, glimpses of another life are coming through, and they both have a spark of recognition when they meet in a coffee shop, prompting her to ask whether they have met in the past. According to the theory, then, this isn’t just Trinity without her memories, but a creation of the Machines.

Given that Trinity died in the real world in The Matrix Revolutions, it’s more difficult to assume that she was just reabsorbed into the Matrix without a physical body. To this end, the Machines could be using a Trinity duplicate to give Neo another reason to remain within a simulation and not fight them in a reality where they have regained their domination over humankind. What this possibly means, then, is that the Trinity program might eventually go against her programming and help Neo to break out of the Matrix again, albeit at the cost of her life.

It’s an intriguing concept, then, and one that does tie into what we’ve seen of other programs in The Matrix sequels, wherein they gain a nuanced understanding of their own identities. Even if the actual Trinity does not appear in The Matrix Resurrections, we could still be getting a fitting continuation of her character. However, based on the many doubles and callbacks to the initial series of films hinted at this week, “Trinity” may be more than she seems.