New Transformers: The Last Knight Character And Story Details Revealed

transformers-5-last-knight-filming-cuba (1)

Michael Bay may be slowly unveiling the cool new cars which will be seen in Transformers: The Last Knight, but relatively little is known about what we should expect when it comes to the actual plot of the fifth instalment in the very divisive franchise. Now, however, plenty of new details have found their way online which may finally shed some light on all that.

It’s said that the plot of Transformers: The Last Knight will revolve around Optimus Prime returning to Cybertron (something the previous instalment hinted at) only to discover that it’s now a dead planet. To bring it back to life, he’s going to need to find a mysterious new artefact on Earth. Here’s where things get weird though; the artefact will have ties to Merlin from King Arthur lore, with the magician having actually gotten his powers from an ancient Transformer.


With Transformers: The Last Knight set to delve into British mythology, the movie will also introduce us to some English Autobots. Among them will be Cogman (an Aston Martin), Squeaks (a Vespa) and “The Creator” (who may very well have some ties to the origins of the Transformers). The rest of the Autobots, meanwhile, will now be led by Bumblebee and are based in the Badlands of South Dakota. Oh, and yes, the Dinobots will also return.

So, that’s an interesting batch of details about the movie then, but it honestly doesn’t sound all that different to previous instalments. Transformers: The Last Knight will still likely make over $1 billion regardless of the quality of the story, but it is a shame that Bay isn’t doing anything radically different here.

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