New Venom Featurette Promises An Edgy And Dark Movie


The Sinister Symbiote is almost upon us, and don’t we know all about it.

Kicking the week off in style, Sony Pictures premiered not one, not two, but three high-res action shots for Venom yesterday, in which Eddie Brock found himself up shit creek without a paddle. And now, to keep the momentum going, the studio’s released a new featurette which finds the cast and crew filling us in on what to expect from the highly anticipated release when it drops into theaters next month.

Among other things, director Ruben Fleischer points out that this isn’t your typical comic book movie and is instead something much darker and more edgy, which will certainly make fans happy to hear. True, the film’s been slapped with a PG-13 rating, but it’s becoming pretty clear that they’re going to push things to the limit – with the possibility of an Unrated cut surfacing down the road, too.

But will the film be successful enough to warrant the cinematic universe that Sony is planning to spawn from it? That’s the question on everyone’s mind right now. Unfortunately, we won’t have our answer until next month, but at the very least, early tracking appears to be in Venom‘s favor, after it was revealed that the Spidey spinoff is headed for a $60M-$70M opening weekend on home turf, with A Star is Born coming in at second place with around $30 million.

Those figures are based on early projections and are therefore subject to change, but we’ll be bringing you all the latest as we inch closer and closer to October 5th. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts with us on the Tom Hardy-led spinoff in the comments section down below.