Who Should Be The Next James Bond?

Damian Lewis

If you thought people were resistant to a Bond that looked like an Aryan poster boy, imagine the outcry if MI6’s best agent was ginger. Worse yet, most people would mistake him for an American, having mastered the accent over his tenure in shows like Band of Brothers and Homeland (the latter of which already has him working on his spycraft). Underneath the strawberry mop though, is a venerated actor’s actor who can brood and smolder with the best of them.

Lewis would make up for his smaller size by being a fresher face for the franchise, but one no less intense. His softer features stand in contrast to the often haunted man wearing them, something that could be an asset, given the increased interest recent Bond films have had in the psychology of a man who drinks, screws and kills his way through life. And since his wife Helen McCrory was just in Skyfall, he can cross “getting with a Bond girl” off the to-do list of role preparation.

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