Nicolas Cage can’t wrap his head around the internet’s obsession with him

face off

There’s no denying that Nicolas Cage is one of the most interesting actors in the business, one that first rose to fame as the eccentric darling of independent cinema, before becoming one of the biggest and most bankable action heroes in Hollywood after headlining The Rock, Con Air, and Face/Off within the space of 12 months.

The Academy Award winner is lauded by his peers, with Guillermo del Toro the latest in a long line of A-list talents to shower him in praise, while his distinctly unique approach to his craft has established him as a pioneer of sorts. Of course, he’s also a walking meme generator and has been for a long time, but Cage still doesn’t get it.

Having previously found himself at a loss when trying to justify the internet’s obsession with virtually everything he does, Cage once again drew a blank in a recent GQ profile, seemingly bemused at how something as minor as a facial expression can take on a life of its own.

“I still don’t really fully understand what the fascination is with my face or facial expressions that happen in these memes. I’m like, well, but why? Just like, What is it?”

YouTube is awash with various Cage Rage compilations, but while the 58 year-old did admit to dipping into his own back catalogue ahead of playing himself in self-referential action comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, it’s beginning to look unlikely that he parked himself in front of a computer to scroll through the memes.