Maze Runner Star Throws Dylan O’Brien’s Name Into The Hat For Nightwing


At the time of writing, the role of Dick Grayson in Nightwing remains vacant – that we know of, mind you – and that can only mean one thing: a steady stream of speculative rumors and alleged shortlists pertaining to Chris McKay’s DC spinoff and, more specifically, who will take charge as the titular hero.

It’s the one question that continues to inspire beautiful fan art and carefully crafted trailers, though the latest tidbit is not so much a rumor as it is an open suggestion. And it comes to us by way of Cinema Blend.

With The Maze Runner: The Death Cure now on the verge of release, the outlet spoke to the film’s ensemble cast about their YA adaptation and Hollywood’s ever-evolving superhero scene. It was here where Dexter Darden, who plays the industrious Frypan in the Maze Runner saga, name-dropped Dylan O’Brien as a potential candidate for Nightwing – along with some general story ideas.

He would be so good… So what happens is, Batman ages out, unfortunately, in Gotham, and Robin just kind of grows up and just has the same resources, but a little bit more of a badass kind of edge to him… Nightwing is essentially a 25- to like 30-year-old Robin, and he’s got this sick blue one-piece outfit. Blue, black, and he’s dope.

Other actors who have purportedly come into contention include Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things), Zac Efron, Nick Jonas (Jumanji), Matt Bomer and Sean Pignatelli. Although without any firm update from Warner Bros.’ channels, we wouldn’t take this alleged shortlist as gospel.

Chances are Warner will hold fire until the dust settles from its recent DC Films shake-up, which leads us to believe that the company may well be preparing for a huge showcase at San Diego Comic-Con.

And with Chris McKay promising a “badass” interpretation of Nightwing replete with practical effects, the Dick Grayson solo movie has shot straight to the tip-top of our watchlist. More on this project as it develops.