Release Date For The Avengers 4 Trailer Coming Very Soon


Now that Thanksgiving has passed, odds are you’ve probably had your fill of turkey and all of the usual side dishes – but not of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

If this isn’t your first rodeo, then you’ve probably noticed how whatever Marvel Studios’ big May tentpole flick may be tends to drop its first trailer around this time of year. That said, every True Believer on the planet has been keeping a close eye on the internet hoping to see the first footage promoting Avengers 4 sometime soon.

Despite some reports to the contrary, most evidence that’s come our way points toward a debut before November expires. If not, December would be a virtual lock, but tipster Daniel R recently had these words of reassurance to offer on Twitter:

“We’ll have the *official* releasing date for the Avengers 4 trailer for you guys soon enough. Not today, but should be soon. So keep a close watch and stand by.”

Let it also be known that a fan tagged MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad in the comments section in an attempt to get some corroboration, to which he replied with a GIF of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki smiling and nodding while saying, “Oh, yes.”

Truth be told, Marvel Studios giving us a heads up before the trailer is actually released wouldn’t surprise this writer at all. If so, I imagine it could come 24 hours ahead of time and in the form of one of those 10 second teasers letting us know when we should expect the main course. You know, it’s what folks often call “the trailer for the trailer.”

So, while the waiting game continues, be sure to mark your calendar for Avengers 4‘s opening date of May 3rd, 2019. And as always, keep watching this space for more.