We May Be About To Get Some Bad News Regarding The Avengers 4 Trailer


We’ve been poring over every scrap of leaked concept art, blurry set photos and early toy designs, but despite the many theories floating around out there, we still don’t really know a whole lot about what Avengers 4 is going to be like (or even what it’s called, for that matter). That’s set to change pretty soon though, as Kevin Feige has told us that the first preview will definitely drop at some point before the end of 2018 – but is it going to be this month as we’re all expecting?

Yesterday, the rumor mill went into overdrive with claims that the much anticipated trailer will be debuting this Friday, the 23rd of November. But as nice as that would be, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Jeremy Conrad over at MCU Cosmic, who’s usually quite reliable with his intel, has claimed that it definitely won’t be out then. In fact, he’s now hinting that it may not even release this month.

The scoopster took to Twitter to tease that he’s heard some really bad news that might be arriving this week and it relates to the trailer. He wouldn’t say what it was unfortunately, and makes it clear that it could prove to be false, but given that it’s about the first preview, it’s pretty easy to figure out what he’s hinting at here. And that’s that the trailer’s been delayed.

If that’s the case, then we might be waiting until December to lay eyes on Avengers 4. Or, and we’d be shocked if they did this, but perhaps Marvel has had a serious change of plan and is now going to make us wait until 2019? Given Feige’s past remarks, we can’t see that being the case, but then again, co-director Joe Russo did say that we might not get it this year. So who knows?

It’s important to note that many reports have already pointed to the trailer landing next Wednesday, November 28th. This date would also match up with Infinity Warwhose first preview debuted on November 29th. Still, it’s possible that Marvel’s plans have changed and until we learn more, all we can do is speculate on when that first Avengers 4 trailer may arrive.