Original Halloween And Two Sequels Returning To Drive-Ins Next Month


David Gordon Green’s hotly-anticipated sequel may have been pushed back by an entire year as the theatrical release schedule was ravaged by the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, but horror fans will still be able to get their Halloween fix with three of the franchise’s eleven installments heading to drive-in theaters just in time for the spookiest day on the calendar.

Drive-ins experienced a huge resurgence in popularity over the summer as they became one of the few ways to enjoy a movie on the big screen, and also helped keep the box office from hitting absolute zero while the majority of theaters had their doors firmly locked. There are a lot of people that spend the better part of two months celebrating Halloween as well, so combining the two and using one of the genre’s most popular brands as the main selling point is a very smart move from a marketing perspective.

John Carpenter’s classic 1978 original is of course a key part of the lineup, but the drive-in experience won’t be following the chronological order of the franchise. Instead, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers will complete the trifecta, which sort of makes sense when the second installment was basically a retread of the original and third effort Season of the Witch didn’t even feature the iconic serial killer at all.

The Halloween triple bill will be screening at fourteen locations across the country for people feeling brave enough to sit in their car on a darkened night to watch three horror movies back-to-back, or just those lamenting the fact that Halloween Kills won’t be arriving until October 2021 and are seeking a gory slice of good old-fashioned slasher action. And for the full details on screenings and to grab tickets, you can hit the link below.